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This is an intermediate flow that will get your heart pumping and body ready to access flying pigeon pose, galavasana. Be sure to honor your body and be careful to practice what is right for you! Have fun :-) 

This flow will get you moving, breathing, and sweaty! We challenge ourselves to observe our feelings that arise when practicing both sides of asana. We will access our core center to keep us  balanced in one legged poses, as well as flow into eka pada koundinyasana. 

Be kind to your body and practice what suits you in this moment!

Embrace both sides

Intermediate Flow 

Flying Pigeon Flow

Intermediate 60 min Flow

Relaxing Yin Yoga

60 min 

This practice is for all levels of yogis and non-yogis! Slow down and relax with 60 minutes of Yin Yoga. Whether you are stressed from work, need a break from a busy life, or want to restore your muscles from a workout, this yoga practice is perfect for you. We hold postures for a few minutes each to allow the muscles and connective tissues at our joints to soften. You'll leave this practice feeling like butter! Grab some bolsters, blocks, pillows, or blankets to support you in this practice :-) You also get a little cameo of my kitty, Oso, coming to check out the scene during savasana :)