The "B"s knees

There has been quite a distance between posts here. Those of you who know me understand, and those of you who don't, will. I am now in Bali, and begin a new chapter. Time will unravel and a story will unfold, but for now, a short and sweet intro to a B-eautiful moment in Bali. 

First day, jet lagged and disoriented, I wander into the streets of Sanur to acclimate. The gray washed sky sheds a light drizzle. Maybe it's the wet sprinkles on my skin as I walk down the streets filled with warungs that begins to wash away lingering loneliness and hurt from the other hemisphere, or maybe it's the sheer notion of new freedom filling my heart. But I love Bali. I later found myself in the sun, and stopped at a restaurant on the beach and took a seat in the shade. Bali showed herself to me then: I feel the breeze across my cheeks, close my eyes, and breathe. I sit cross legged on a bench, at a beach, in Bali, sipping a Bintang beer, reading a book called "Breakfast with Buddha." So far as I can tell, Bali is the "B"s knees.  

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