Good Morning Rishikesh

6:24 am Day 1

I made it.

I arrived last night around 8pm and was escorted up to a circle of people eating dinner on the floor of the yoga room. I was delirious, and could barely hold a conversation, but from the looks of it, we have quite the diverse group of students. More to come on this when I can see faces and meet everyone officially.

I forced myself to go to bed to normalize to the +9.5 hour time difference (why the half hour? No clue) and found it much easier than I predicted. I continued reading my book: The Four Agreements, which has been one that I have heard suggested by many on several podcasts, but will have to read those 5 pages again because I zonked out hard.

Last night felt quite strange to me. I can easily chalk it up to lack of sleep, traveling, etc. But it felt like the depths of me started to rattle--reject the unfamiliar. I think I realized that when I push the curtain of excitement aside, I’m actually terrified of this training. Terrified of something new, with the potential to shatter me to bits and then say, “put yourself back together.”

I woke up at 4:00am to the sprinkling of rain, and a puddle of water outside my room door. Several breathing techniques later, I succumbed to the wide-eyed first day of school buzz and got out of bed and ready for my first day. Daylight broke, and I can now see that I am enveloped in mountains and clouds in Rishikesh, India.

Alright, bring it.

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