JFK airport

I’m really good at standing in line. I can get antsy, sure, but I have found that waiting is not something that agitates me like it does others. Traffic is inconvenient, but not something that makes me red in the face and angry at the world. For those of you who hate lines and traffic and feel like smacking me for not being overly affected by such things… here: Nothing sends me into a fitful rage more than a seatbelt that catches and chokes me out when I try to lean forward in a car…. I do yoga, and I’m working on that one. Anyways… Why in the world would I bring up lines while in the JFK airport, pray tell? Well, after last night’s blog post, almost every flight was either delayed or canceled due to, um, wind? I’m still not sure on that one, but essentially I spent from 4-9pm waiting in lines. I got my ticket changed, put on standby, ticket changed again, then changed one more time for the next morning. After 6 hours at Norfolk International Airport, I was sent home. Not only did I get to go home, I didn’t have to carry my big backpack luggage because it had somehow made its way to Newark, NJ while I was standing in all those lines. Long story short, I’m at JFK in NY chillin at an Irish Pub, 1 hour away from actually boarding a plane to India. I’ll arrive to Delhi and leave 3 hours before my bag gets there, and I board a plane to travel up north; so, I’ll get my bag… later. With respect and love in my heart, the term “later” is open to interpretation in regards to what I know about India, so I’m glad I was sent home to pack a toothbrush and extra set of yoga clothes in my carry on. The adventure has begun! Fourteen hour plane ride coming up! Plane yoga anyone?

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